Grout Cleaning

Grout Cleaning is hard work and even though you can scrub all day long on the tile, you will not get your floor as clean as Mr. Klean Grout can. Why? Because grout is porous and allows dirt and other contaminants to be trapped below the surface, making it difficult if not impossible to remove with regular mopping.


Complete Re-Grouting Services

The current grout you have may be beyond repair, Mr. Klean Grout is able to re-grout around the tile to save you from the costs of installing all new tile.

Repairing of Settlement Cracks

Weather can cause settlement cracks to occur any time, even to new tile installations. Cracks can allow water to seep through causing further damage. Properly mixed and applied grout is essential to help prevent these cracks. Let the Mr. Klean Grout make sure your tile receives the best moisture protection.

Re-Caulking around Bathtubs and Sinks

Bathtubs and sinks experience the most contact with moisture inhomes. Mr. Klean Grout can repair the long term damage caused to the grout, helping to extend the life of the tile in your bathroom.

Change of Grout Color

Tired of the same color grout or looking to update an installation without a complete remodel? Mr. Klean Grout can update the look of your tile without its removal. This process leaves your grout virtually stain proof and the results are easily maintained.

Mold Removal

Mold is a serious concern in many homes. Removing the mold is an important step to keeping you and family safe from toxic mold. Mr. Klean Grout can remove mold and mildew without damaging your tile or grout.